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Who are we?

Degree Brewing is a family run consultancy based in rural Herefordshire.  We are specialists in providing Food Safety advice for the Food & Beverage Industry.  We also assist with HACCP planning for small brewers.

Where do we operate?

We have particular specialisms in the alcoholic beverages industries including Brewing and Cider Making.  We also have experience of Wine Making (including fortification) and Distilling.  We build partnerships with smaller companies that need help in Quality Systems and Food Safety where the expense of a whole Quality Department, or even just a Technical Manager, is prohibitive.  We operate mainly in the United Kingdom.

Take a look at our FAQ page for some of the help we can offer.

What we can offer you

  • HACCP Studies and Food Safety reviews.  There is a legal requirement to ensure that your products are safe for the consumer and we can help with this.
  • Quality Management Systems.  We can help you implement a Quality Management System [QMS] that meets a particular standard such as ISO22000, ISO9001:2008 or BRC ver 5.
  • Auditing.  Being audited by a customer or to meet as standard?  We can help ensure that you're ready.  From a compliant and robust Internal Audit schedule to a one off gap analysis.  We're here to help.
  • Hygiene and CIP.  Got a problem with Microbiology results?  We can validate and verify all your CIP systems to ensure that they can be relied on to work every time.
  • SOP Writing.  Have you got written systems or work?  Do you need them?  We can help you write Standard Operating Procedures [SOP] that work for your business.

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Beer is a natural product.  Ensure that your ingredients are properly traceable.

It is in your interest to ensure that your beer is safe, legal and of high quality.