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Frequently Asked Questions

This page is for general questions and important issue.

Q: My beer is inconsistent.  How can I make my beer more consistent?
A: There could be many things wrong with inconsistent beer.  The best place to start is to ensure that everything is being done the same way every time.  Also that records are available to show that it has been the same every time.  This includes process quantities and times and also preparation sequences and cleaning.  We can help by ensuring that records are in place and easy to complete and also that Standard Operating Procedures are available for every process.  Finally we can audit the process to ensure that the procedures are being followed and that the records are correct.  This will eliminate most consistency issues.

Q: I'm being audited by a new customer, how can you help?
A: The easiest way we can help is to perform a gap analysis.  This is basically conducting the audit and creating a 'to-do' list so that the gaps can be filled!  We can then help with filling the gaps or just give you the advice on requirements so that you can fill the gaps in house.

Q: How do you verify CIPs?
A: We use an in-depth question sheet that looks for dead ends on pipework, ensures that sprayballs are correctly sized and that flows effectively reach the required rates.  It can also be used as a time to reduce chemical and water usage.  Often this pays for the process!


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