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Below is a summary of some of the services we offer.  As our services are bespoke to your organisation call us to discuss your specific requirements.

End of process sieve to collect foreign bodies

HACCP Studies and Food Safety Advice

£Price - Usually a daily rate at an agreed rate.  We often don't charge travel expenses [depending on location].

Comparing an SOP to the Practical Situation

Audit Preparation.  Preparation for BRC audits including gap analysis.  Also preparation and assistance for customer audits.  Writing of internal audit schedules and we can help by conducting a whole internal audit plan if required.

£Price - Usually a daily rate at an agreed rate.

Poorly parked trailer due to a lack of an SOP

Standard Operating Procedure writing.  It is important that SOPs incorporate all Food Safety Aspects and also relevant Risk Assessments.

£Price - Discussed on a per SOP basis or on an agreed daily rate.

Running a manual clean to prove the system

CIP Verification.  A review of you CIPs to ensure that they are effective and operating correctly.  CIPs can use excessive water and chemical and a verification of all parameters can ensure that expensive resources are being used .

£Price - Usually a daily rate at an agreed rate to coincide with you CIP Schedules.


Service Summary

  • HACCP Studies and Food Safety Advice.
  • Audit preparation and Internal Auditing.
  • SOP Writing and RA integration.
  • CIP Verifications and Hygiene Reviews.